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TegCom - About Us

For more than 30 years we have been dealing intensively with mobile communications technology. Mobile phones for more than USD 3000 were quite normal. Due to subsidies from the network operators these prices dropped down fast. And incidentally, the fairy tale of the so called 1 Dollar mobile phone started.

Since 1999 we have been active in the field of IT and telecommunications. Our speciality: Dual SIM and roaming solutions. The Finnish manufacturer Benefon launched the Benefon TWIN in 2000, the world's first dual SIM mobile phone.

Benefon TWIN for two SIM cards
The Benefon TWIN (2000)

The real Dual SIM breakthrough started in spring 2007 with the Yulong Coolpad 728 G2. With this PDA with Windows CE Pro operating system and stylus, we were the first company in Europe to sell online DualSIM devices. And so 2022 we had our 15th anniversary.

After Samsung also included DualSIM cell phones in its range in 2008 and E-TEN and Acer had a real DSFA DualSIM smartphone with the DX900

Acer DX900 DSFA two physical SIM cards
The Acer DX900 (2008)

the development of DualSIM devices was unstoppable. Today, almost every well known company has several DualSIM smartphones in their product range and Apple startet to be one of them in September 2018.

In 2010 we opened a Telefónica shop in Tegernsee (Bavaria). In 2012 we added Vodafone as a second network operator. Due to the strong price reductions for mobile phone contracts and the associated reduction for dealer commissions, we closed the shop in spring 2014 for economic reasons. After the restart in 2015, we have focused us on online sales of selected devices that help to reduce roaming costs and overcome dead spots. The DualSIM technology plays a very important role here.

Our company headquarters have been in Austria since January 2020. You can find some online reviews about us, e.g. on Webwiki Germany or Webwiki Austria and on Google (reviews).


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